The Raze Universe includes all characters, weapons, ships, etc. related with the Raze Series. However, each writer/groups will probably want to create their universe independently to what other writer/groups write. So there will be separate universes for each writer/groups so that their stories do not collide with the stories of others. That does not mean that they are not bounded by the parameters of the ORIGINAL Raze Universe, but that they will be able to create stories that have nothing to do with someone else's story.

Current Universes Edit

-Omega Universe (Platinum123's)

Main article: Omega Universe

A universe that follows the events after Raze 2.

-The Journey of the Unimportant (Citrus-404's)

Main article: The Journey of the Unimportant

A universe that follows the actions of several characters never mentioned in the Raze storyline, but that the events that took place in it would not have been possible without these characters.

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